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Sev7en Sounds 3.0

This game is a nice emulator for Windows 7 sounds. Have fun putting the sounds o

Download License:free Downloads: Category:game - iOS - Music

Windows Phone 7 UI - Free Demo 0.80

This is the FREE DEMO of the Windows Phone 7 Metro User Interface for Android 2.

Download License:free Downloads: Category:game - Android - Casual

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World Countries ALL-IN-ONE Free. 7 Educational Apps 2.5

7 Educational Geographic apps in one: World Countries Factbook (CIA, WIkipedia,

Download License:free Downloads:1323 Category:game - iOS - Educational

Hockey Player Mugshot Quiz 1.0

Are you a hockey fan? Can you name every player on your favorite team? Prove it!

Download License:free Downloads:126 Category:game - iOS - Sports

Super 7 1.3

Over 700,000 downloads for Super 7, 700,000 people addicted to Super 7 can't be

Download License:paid Downloads:5 Category:game - iOS - Arcade

GENESIA for iPad - The 7 gems of NEORT 1.1.6


Download License:paid Downloads:27 Category:game - iOS - Strategy

A+ IQ Test(7 in 1) 1.5

50% off holiday sale!! !!!!!on sale(7 in 1)!!!!! There are many IQ Test apps in

Download License:paid Downloads:107 Category:game - iOS - Action

Rugby League: Name The Player 1.0

Rugby League: Name The Player Challenge Do You Know The Faces Of Rugby League?

Download License:paid Downloads:38 Category:game - iOS - Sports

Player Piano: Ragtime 1.0

Now, you can have a player piano on your iphone! Over 50 Ragtime classics includ

Download License:paid Downloads:133 Category:game - iOS - Music

MiCade Games for iPad 7 in 1 1.0

There are 7 games in single package: (1) Captain Treasure (2) Gold Tour (3) Fou

Download License:free Downloads:56 Category:game - iOS - Arcade

Lucky 7 Slots 1.4.3

Lucky 7 Slots packs the fast-rolling excitement of a video slot machine into you

Download License:paid Downloads:71 Category:game - iOS - Casino

Citrix XenApp 5 Exam -CCA Implementing XenApp5 for Windows Server 2008 1.01

CCA Implementing Citrix XenApp 5.0 for windows server 2008 exam prep in your poc

Download License:paid Downloads:398 Category:game - iOS - Educational

A-T RPG-7 3D: GUN CLUB Edition 1.0.1

The RPG-7 is a widely-produced, portable, shoulder-launched, anti-tank rocket p

Download License:paid Downloads:147 Category:game - iOS - Action

Somni Game Player HD 2.1.2

The games you can play on 'Somni Game Player HD' are more like board games, RPG,

Download License:free Downloads:236 Category:game - iOS - Adventure

7 Moves Lite 1.0

“An epic adventure 7 moves away!” The caves are filled with treasures of un

Download License:free Downloads:111 Category:game - iOS - Adventure

7 or 11 1.01

Welcome to 7 or 11 where maths meets physics. Using an advanced 2D physics engin

Download License:paid Downloads:170 Category:game - iOS - Kids

7 Planets 3.1

7 Planets is logic board game of rolling wooden balls. It is based on our 1985 y

Download License:paid Downloads:0 Category:game - iOS - Board

7 words (FREE) 2.1

For crossword and anagram fanatics comes 7 words (FREE). Whereas other anagram

Download License:free Downloads:47 Category:game - iOS - Puzzle

7-kabale 1.0

7-kabale er en klassiker som vist ikke behøver yderligere præsentation. Det er

Download License:paid Downloads:120 Category:game - iOS - Card

2 Player Reactor Lite 2.0

Whose reflex is better? Challenge with your friend on the phone! 2 Player Reacto

Download License:free Downloads:679 Category:game - iOS - Puzzle

Windows Games Collection HD v1.0.1

Have you ever imagined playing your favorite Windows' games on your device? Wel

Download License:paid Downloads:3019 Category:game - iOS - Card

Windows Switcher Puzzle 1.1

Just for fun app. Consider a night city. Some windows are lit, some are dark. Du

Download License:paid Downloads:2637 Category:game - iOS - Puzzle

Windows Switcher Puzzle Lite 1.1

Just for fun app. Consider a night city. Some windows are lit, some are dark. Du

Download License:free Downloads:2253 Category:game - iOS - Puzzle

Sudoku Duo ? Dual Player Sudoku for iPad 2.1

"Sudoku Duo" is a DUAL player Sudoku game for the iPad. Players may collaborate

Download License:paid Downloads:0 Category:game - iOS - Board

Somni Game Player 1.3.6

The games you can play on 'Somni Game Player' are more like board games, RPG, ad

Download License:free Downloads:145 Category:game - iOS - Adventure

Simon Says Single Player 1

Simon Says Single Player is a simple yet addictive memory game. Try to beat you

Download License:free Downloads:57 Category:game - iOS - Arcade

Science Vocabulary (Ages 7+, Grade 3+) 1.0

Science Vocabulary (Ages 7+, Grade 3+) ScienVocab is designed to improve a chil

Download License:paid Downloads:14 Category:game - iOS - Kids

Battle Dice 7 1.3

'Battle Dice 7' : Speed battle puzzle game. Tap the ballon when the dice is mat

Download License:paid Downloads:60 Category:game - iOS - Board

7 Divided by 7 1.0

7 Divided by 7 is a fun test that comes with great dividing problems that you wi

Download License:free Downloads:13 Category:game - iOS - Educational

7 Letter Spelling FREE 1.02

IMPROVE YOUR SPELLING This app can help you improve your spelling of popular 7 l

Download License:free Downloads:26 Category:game - iOS - Kids

TimezBlaster (Ages 7+) 1.0

TimezBlaster 1.0 (Ages 7+) TimezBlaster is loaded with lots of drills to help a

Download License:paid Downloads:71 Category:game - iOS - Educational

Spot the 7 Differences 1.0

***OPTIMIZED FOR IPAD RETINA DISPLAY GRAPHICS!*** Spot the 7 Differences is fu

Download License:paid Downloads:17 Category:game - iOS - Family

Math Player 1.1

Math Player is a new way for kids to practice basic math. Great for long car rid

Download License:paid Downloads:47 Category:game - iOS - Educational

Grade 7 Math & Science 1.7

Comprehensive study material on Grade 7 Maths and Science in the form of questi

Download License:paid Downloads:10 Category:game - iOS - Family

FlashMath (Ages 7+) 1.0

FlashMath 1.0 (Ages 7+) FlashMath is loaded with lots of drills to help master

Download License:paid Downloads:43 Category:game - iOS - Educational

DoodleTown: Two Player Game 1.0

Download this app to play this new 2 player application all day long with your b

Download License:paid Downloads:1911 Category:game - iOS - Educational

DigitiZer (Ages 7+) 1.0

DigitiZer 1.0 (Ages 7+) DigitiZer is loaded with lots of drills to help master

Download License:paid Downloads:45 Category:game - iOS - Educational

2 Player Reactor 3.1

〖2-Player Reactor〗 is a head-to-head reflex game - simple, but always challe

Download License:paid Downloads:123 Category:game - iOS - Family

Geography Plus (Ages 7+, Grade 3+ ) v1.1

Geography Plus (Ages 7+, Grade 3+) GEOPlus is designed to improve a child’s g

Download License:paid Downloads:8 Category:game - iOS - Educational

Player Piano 1.1.5

From the makers of Pocket Piano ( Best of 2008 Apple Apps )... Player Piano doe

Download License:paid Downloads:489 Category:game - iOS - Educational

HST Player Notes 1.0

HST Player Notes is a player tracking and note system designed to aid players (o

Download License:paid Downloads:1136 Category:game - iOS - Card

7 in 1 Buster 1.4

Feel the thrill of busting like never before in this 7 in 1 game collection. 7 m

Download License:paid Downloads:0 Category:game - iOS - Arcade

Windows Games Collection v1.0.2

Have you ever imagined playing your favorite Windows' games on your device? Wel

Download License:free Downloads:2685 Category:game - iOS - Board


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